Brenda  (December 2021)


“Jodie read for me regarding my question about relocating. I trust her method of divination and her integrity. Her YouTube videos on astrology and tarot gave me a good feel for quality and sharp discernment. Here I am a year later in the region she confirmed for me. I look forward to engaging her skills again.”

S.K  (November 2021)


"Jodie was spot on, her reading provided me with comfort and a few weeks later things fell into place just as her reading said. Her vibe was warm and I felt Jodie gave me the calm I needed in the storm. Thank you, Jodie!"

Johanna  (November 2021)


"Jodie is hands down one of my top favorite readers. I found her on You Tube, and have been an avid follower for at least 2 years now. She did a reading for me 9 months ago. She described my situation, my boyfriend and myself with so much detail. Jodie is a gem, she’s one of the best, and truly cares about her clients. If you need clarity in any situation in your life, Jodie is your go to!"

Amanda  (November 2021)


"Jodie is a very warm reader who makes you feel at ease throughout with her compassionate nature, you get the sense from her that she does genuinely care about you and whatever situation you've asked for clarity on. She is very honest whilst still being tactful which is important when having a reading. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this lovely lady to read for you as she is very gifted and leaves you with a clearer insight into your situation. I'm looking forward to having other readings with her in the future."

Jade  (November 2021)



"I would like to highly recommend you, 

For my personal reading you gave me and it was spot on. 

I believe my prayers were answered and lead me to you by fate. 

Thank you for my clear, honest and well organised reading. 

I will be booking you for future reference"

Catherine  (November 2021)


"What a perfect reading from Jodie. Received on time and completely put my mind at ease.. So much of it resonated with me, it was incredible. I have so much faith in this lady! I shall certainly be returning in the future."

Jennifer  (November 2021)


"Wow jodie thank you so much that was emotinal to say the least i was scared to open it not going to lie i was scared the reading was gonna say he didnt love me anymore youve made me so happy i cant put into words ,your words in the beging were amazing i honestly thought i was the only woman going through this not that i wish it on anyone else but was nice to hear from someone elses perspective i will keep you updated on what happens ,i wish you all the happiness and luck in the world your such an amazing lady xx"

Laureen  (November 2021)

San Carlos, California USA


"I am so glad to have found you on YouTube, your readings are so on point for me at this time in my life. They are intuitive, honest with integrity. It almost feels personal, like I’m there with you and you’re speaking just to me. Of course I know they are general readings but when they resonate, which they often do, you speak to my soul. That’s probably why you have so many spirits around you, they feel safe and comfortable around your energy. You intuitively understand that you’re reading for the listener, not yourself, even if it confuses you! 

I’m so glad I chose to have a personal reading too! The relationship you have with your cards conveyed insight into my situation and I find that to be quite a gift.

Thank you Jodie, you’re wonderful!"

S.Green  (November 2021)


"The reading I received from Jodie was amazing. She is an honest reader and will not tell you what you want to hear.  Her pleasant voice is also comforting. I am looking forward to get predictions coming true."

Angie  (October 2021)


“I have requested a couple of small readings and a a more in depth reading from Jodie over recent weeks, as I have found her Scorpio readings on YouTube to resonate and I wanted some deeper clarity personal to me.  Her approach is honest, clear, positive but not sugar-coated and for this reason I feel the readings offer great guidance which I can use in my life and have in fact begun to do.  I have a firm sense that Jodie’s predictions for the future will more than likely come in to being as they come from a very spiritually guided origin and I have no doubt Jodie will continue to be accurate.  Time will tell regarding my love life that I enquired about but I certainly have hope and belief which is necessary to manifest anything.  I have no hesitation in booking with Jodie again (and will be very soon) and would whole heartedly recommend a reading with Jodie to anyone else.  Given her natural ability and skill, she is extremely reasonably priced compared with many readers. Angie”


Amy  (November 2020)


"I got a personal reading back in 2019 and I was blown away. Everything you said came to pass. The good, bad and ugly. I’ve gotten 2 readings since then from other readers and by far your the only one that’s been spot on. 🥰 I’ll be getting one real soon."


Carmen  (November 2020)


"Your personal reading was so on point. You look very deep into the energys to each other. Without informations in advance, you describe very accurate the situations and circumstances. Thank you Jodie."

M.L  (August 2020)


"Jodie is such a treat!


Her readings are clear, honest, and are written in such a positive tone.  You can tell she truly cares for all her clients and their wellbeing. I was gobsmacked at how accurate she was during my reading and how she was able to pick up on clues/traits I never mentioned."

Jen  (March 2019)


"Thank you so much for a wonderful reading your a very gifted lady ,I’d definitely recommend you to anyone who’d like a reading, such a lovely talented lady x"

Lou   (March 2019)


"An incredible reading from such a wonderfully positive and uplifting lady. The messages were accurate and resonated with my situation.


L x"

D White  (February 2019)


"Thanks Jodie, for a really uplifting reading. It really resonated with me and the current situation in my Life. You really showed me that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  Alone your Energy is very positive and uplifting that I really enjoy talking and listening to you.
For my situation for what you picked up on just blew me away and gave me that courage to move forward with more positivity. I can really only recommend you as you do have this amazing ability. 
And a great Smile to uplift anyone's spirit. You certainly have convinced me and you will be hearing from me in the near future.  Thanks again Jodie and God Bless x"

Pamilla  (January 2019)


"Jodie is absolutely amazing! Please get a personal reading, Do Not Hesitate! When it comes to love, I guarantee Jodie will give you a clear idea on staying or to move on. I’ve been to two tarot readers face to face, and two mediums. Jodie’s reading by far has been the most accurate. I was kind of thrown off, when I contacted her, I thought we would be Skyping or something. However you just email info, and she takes it from there.


My God I was completely blown away! I really think its better not in person with a tarot reader, so that your energy doesn’t screw the reading up. Trust me if you sit in front of a tarot reader with anxiety and fear or whatever, it will definitely interfere with the outcome of the reading.


At least that has been my experience. I can now move forward with confidence and patience in my relationship. Jodie your reading has given me peace.


I can’t thank you enough. You drain yourself, to give these thorough personal readings. Thank you for giving so much of yourself, to all of us."

E   (December 2018)


"Thank you so much Jodie for all the readings that you did for me! It helps me to keep the hopes while waiting those days before I finally met him again.


I’m always looking forward to your readings."

Marc  (November 2018)


"I was a somewhat sceptical at first but, after finding that the general readings were resonating on another level I decided to go for a personal experience.

Wow, one could not have hit the nail more squarely on the head. I will be back again in the future. x"

D  (August 2018)


"Many thanks for my private reading. I really appreciate the late hours and commitment you made in order to complete it. I recently undertook a personal reading from another You Tube reader in recent weeks, but I must say your pricing is far more reasonable, the ease of booking and communication with yourself has been excellent, along with your commitment to deliver within the suggested lead times on your website.


Above all of that, I really liked the style of your video. You really made it very personal and I will definitely be using your services again for a personal reading when my intuition draws me towards one."

M.S  (August 2018)


"Jodie I truly believe you are the best reader!!!!"

A.J   (April 2018)


"Thank you so much for the wonderful reading. I’m really grateful to the guidance that led me to you. You’re amazing!"

Marina. D  (April 2018)


"Thank you very much for such a beautiful reading.


All the best wishes to you ♥️"

T. White   (March 2018)


"Oh how beautiful!!! I almost fell off my chair.


This reading was so wonderful, thank you so much."

C.B    (March 2018)


"Thank You for the reading. I feel much better about things. 


I don't have any questions for you.


God Bless!"